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Sauna & Steam Room


The Cleansing Power of Heat

There are few better ways to relax than closing your eyes and surrendering to the cleansing power of heat in a sauna or steam room.  As your body adjusts to the temperature it will rid itself of impurities, leaving you calm and refreshed.

The sauna uses dry heat, occasionally intensified by dropping a little water on the coals.  A steam room provides an altogether different experience with the warm vapour encouraging you to breathe deeply and regularly.

The powerful effects of the sauna and steam room can be intensified with a bracing cold shower after a few minutes in the heat.

  • Sauna & Steam Room Hygiene  - Etiquette - Tips
  1. Please shower before and after using the sauna and steam room
  2. Drink water before entering and during you stay as you will be sweating and can easily become dehydrated
  3. Limit the amount of time spent in the sauna and steam room particularly on the first few trips
  4. Bathing suits must be worn at all times
  5. No personal grooming for health and safety and out of respect for others
  6. Allow your body temperature to gradually return to normal before attempting exercise
  7. If you are pregnant or have health issues please check with your doctor before using the sauna and steam room