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Q.Why should adults and teenagers learn to swim?
We believe that everyone should be able to swim. It’s a lifetime activity – for your wellness, your fitness, mobility as well as for safety. You should feel confident to enjoy water based activities on holidays no matter what age you are.

Q. Am I too old to learn to swim?

Never! Learning to swim as you get older can take more time. With the right tuition and support, the right attitude and perseverance you can do it. It is well worth it.

Q. I have tried and failed before. Can you help me?
We can help even the most nervous adult to swim. Even if you have failed before it does not mean that you cannot learn to swim. Our classes help you to feel comfortable in the water before you are introduced to actual swimming techniques. As your confidence grows and you feel more at ease in the water you will be surprised how your co ordination and swimming ability will improve.

Q. How long will it take to learn to swim?

That will depend on you, your ability to practice outside of your lessons and how determined you are. We will help you plan your progress and get you swimming.

Q. I am very nervous in the water. How can I get over this?

Being nervous in not unusual for teenagers or adults. We find many of our pupils have had a frightening experience in the past. We understand your fears and will work with you to build confidence and get you comfortable in the water. Patience and perseverance are required and you will get there before you know it!

Q. I am self conscious and feel foolish that I can’t swim. Will everyone be looking at me?

Don’t worry about this. Everyone is there to learn to swim and they are probably feeling exactly the same. After your first lesson you will realise that you are in good company and surrounded by supportive, encouraging people. When we have lessons it is exclusively for lessons and there are no other pool users.

Q. I can swim but I need to improve my technique and breathing. Can you help me?

Yes. No problem. We will analyse your stroke and work with you to have you swimming easier and with greater stamina.

Q.I am training for a triathlon but my swimming is letting me down. Can you help me achieve my goals?
Some of our instructors specialise in working with groups and individuals who are training for triathlons. We can offer group or private tuition.

Q. How many swimmers are in your classes?
We keep the class numbers small and usually have 6 or 7 swimmers per teacher. This is why we ask pupils to book and pay in advance so that we know what the numbers are like and can provide extra teachers where necessary.

Q. Do you offer private lessons?
Yes we do – either for individuals or small groups. Private lessons take place at a time that suits both pupil and teacher, usually when the pool is closed to other swimmers so that there are no distractions. Let us know your requirements and we will be very pleased to help.