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Swim Stars Baby SwimmingParent & Baby/Toddler Lessons @ Mespil Swimming Pool

We are delighted to give you priority booking for our September term. Below is a link to each class that we are offering, Thank you for your support.

4 Years and over on Sundays from 9am for 6 Weeks **Parents do not get in th water with child for these classes**

Parent & baby / toddler swimming classes every Sunday . Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Baby 4-12 months
This is an introduction to baby and parent to the water. In a fun setting baby will learn to feel relaxed and comfortable and interact with other babies. Songs and nursery rhymes will add to the nice warm atmosphere. Two courses at this level would be advisable depending on age.

Toddler 12 - 24months
Toddlers are introduced to water safety skills, breathing techniques and submergence with adult/teacher assistance in a fun environment.

Toddler 24 - 36 months
The emphasis will be on using leg and arm movements and rotation in the water. wtith the emphasis on the toddler becoming more independant and streamlined in the water.

Teach your toddler *Teach Your Toddler class
This is for 3 - 4 year olds who may or may not have had experience in the water. This is a more formal lesson and we do not use songs or rhymes, although there is still a strong fun theme. The teacher is in the water and gives instruction to the parent and child. The parent helps the child to achieve the exercise. The idea is to have this class as a precursor to formal lessons when the adult will not be in the water and the child will be able to take instruction from the teacherand the transition should not be traumatic.

For more information, call Mary @ 086 8567 603 or email Mary@Mespilpool.com