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Aqua Natal Aerobics Classes

  • We are not offering an aqua natal course at the moment. We will review this decision in September.


Aqua Natal Class DublinAqua Natal Classes
Time: 8.00p.m.—8.45p.m.
Cost €60 per 4 week course

Places are limited to 10 people.
Call Mary at 086-8567603 or email mary@mespilpool.com for more information

What is Aqua Natal Aerobics?

Aqua Natal Aerobics involves exercising in a pool setting; this is a great way to increase your fitness levels without placing undue stress on your body as the water supports your body weight through its qualities of buoyancy and turbulence.

Through the use of these qualities, aquatic exercise is suitable for all, ideal for women during pregnancy; women post pregnancy, people recovering from sports injuries as well as people recovering from fractures.

Ante-Natal Classes

Aquatic exercise is an ideal form of exercise for women during pregnancy. The class setting allows for a fun, interactive setting that allows for communication with women at similar stages of their pregnancy.

Exercise is recommended during pregnancy as it helps you to feel your best, to stay healthy and it has real benefits for both you and your baby. Through exercise one gets a sense of control over their body, reduces their level of back pain and increases their muscle strength which helps them to prepare for labour.

If you are interested in joining the class, please register your interest by calling Mary on 0868567603 or email mary@mespilpool.com

**Criteria for joining ante natal classes**

1. Women must be twelve weeks pregnant and can continue until their due date with an OK from their GP.

2. The participants do not need to be able to swim but must be confident in water

3. The participants must have discussed joining an exercise class with their GP

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